The Discovery




  • Knowing what your spiritual gift(s) is(are) will enable you to discover your
    assignment, understand your place in the body of Christ, and focus your energies
    in the days to come.
  • Your personality is one of God’s good gifts to you, and He intends for you
    to use it for His purposes.
  • The message of the Great Commission is that we are to make disciples as we
    go by baptizing and teaching those with whom we come in contact.
  • There are as many specialized ministry assignments as there are believers,
    and each of us has been carefully created by God to fill one of those
  • For most of us, our assignment, at least for now, involves the location,
    occupation, social circle, etc. that we were in when we began to sense God’s
  • God will use your current assignment to prepare you for your future

When to start? Right now!

Some people who answer God’s call believe they must complete high school,
college, or even seminary before they can begin carrying out an assignment from
God. This is not necessarily true. Some assignments require a certain level of
education and training in order to be done properly, and some do not. And, even
if a believer does need education and training to eventually carry out his/her
future assignment, a call to the ministry of Jesus Christ must never be put on
hold. Even if you find yourself in transition, you must take advantage of
every opportunity God gives you to be used by Him.
That’s not to say that
every opportunity is from God, but those that God lays on your heart and seem to
line up with your make up and direction must not be pushed aside in anticipation
of something that may be years yet to come.

Acts 9:17-22

After Paul’s calling and conversion, the Bible says that he began to preach
immediately. Now, the idea of someone preaching immediately following a
salvation experience might make some people nervous. New Christians have much to
learn and should assume roles of weighty responsibility with caution and much
prayer. In fact, the Bible warns believers about new converts assuming
leadership roles within the body (1 Timothy
). After all, no one can lead others where he/she has never been.

But, notice what Paul preached. He preached that Jesus is the Son of God. He
preached only what he knew to be true by experience and allowed himself to be
used of God as an example of the change that Jesus can make in a person’s life.
He did not assume more responsibility than what he was ready to handle, but did
make himself available to be used by God as he matured. Paul did take time to be
trained and equipped for ministry. He was already well trained in the scriptures
as a Jewish leader, but he spent three years learning and being equipped for
ministry (Galatians 1:13-24 ).

Take a few moments and write your thoughts, concerns, and questions in your
journal. Allow the following thought suggestions to guide you.

What assignment has God given you? Is it an immediate assignment or something
to work toward? What does He have for you right now?

What, if anything, is keeping you from serving?

What is God saying to you today?