The Discovery



Take a moment and look back over what you have written and learned over the
past couple of days. Think of what it is that you hope to get out of today’s
Bible study and ask God to give you that. Don’t forget to pray this simple
request: “God teach me today more about you and how I can follow you.”

1 John 3



Underline and/or highlight in your Bible any words or phrases that are
particularly meaningful to you right now.


Take a moment to meditate on 1 John 3.

Record your thoughts. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Listen for the
response (Don’t be afraid to wait for it.) and record it the best that you can.

Circle key words in the scripture.

Circling: After you have studied a passage of scripture, it’s a good
idea to circle words that you have found to be meaningful in your study. Some
people like to circle word groups (the action words, nouns, etc.). Then, when
you look back on scripture that you have studied, you will be reminded at a
glance of your study, and you will be able to compare what you learned last time
to what God teaches you the next time you study it.


What did you get from your Bible study today?

How does it check out against the truth of scripture?


Spend some time in open, honest prayer with God. Tell Him what you heard Him
say and respond to Him. Ask for His help in making commitments and/or changes
that you need to make. Spend time loving God with your words. Write down
anything that you want to remember from your prayer time today.

Title your Bible study.