The Discovery



Spend a moment praying about this Bible study. Pray this simple request: “God
teach me today more about you and how I can follow you.”

1 John 4

Highlight and/or underline the passage that you chose in a way that will help
you study and follow what the Holy Spirit brought to your attention as you read.


Look for the answers to the six “digging questions” and record them below.
Remember that each question may have more than one answer or set of answers.


Did what you found raise any questions in your mind? If so, write them down.

Questioning scripture: It is okay to ask questions, even difficult
questions, about what you read in the Bible or hear taught. God doesn’t want you
to have a lazy mind. If you did, you might follow anything that anyone teaches
you, right or wrong. Instead, research, ask hard questions and study. Acts 17:10-11 and 2 Timothy 2:15.

Write down your questions for a later time. Sometimes, when we question
scripture, we find the answers right away. Sometimes we have to wait a while and
come back to them as we grow, learn and seek godly counsel.


Meditate on 1 John 4 and the questions
that it may have raised. If you need a review of what to include in your
meditation time, look over the Bible studies from the last few days.

Explore your thoughts and feelings and record them.


On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you put into your Bible study today?

What did you get out of it?

What do you make of that?

What did you learn or how did the Holy Spirit speak to you in your Bible
study today?

How does it check out against the truth of scripture?


Spend some time in open, honest prayer with God. If unsure what to pray
through, look back at yesterday’s Bible study. Write down anything that you want
to remember from this prayer time.

Title your Bible study.