The Discovery

Bible Study Tips

You will notice that there are five study guides for each week rather than seven. This is done for two reasons: some people struggle to have a time with God each day, so if you miss a day, you will not fall behind in the guide. Also, if you are using this guide as a supplement to your existing daily time with God, you will have two days when you are not doing two studies.

Each day, begin your time with Christ open to His leadership and aware of His love and faithfulness to you. Below are some tips for your private worship times:

Pick a consistent time and place to have your private worship time/Bible study each day.
Come to your Bible study time prepared. Bring your Bible, a notebook, a pencil/pen, and highlighters if you have them.
Shut out all distractions. Turn off music, the television, and anything else that could cause “static” as you listen for the Holy Spirit to speak to you.
Open your Bible study time in prayer. Confess any unconfessed sin and clear the path of communication between you and God.
Take the time to read ALL the scripture listed and to write in your journal when asked to do so or whenever you can. Your journal does not have to be perfect. No one has to read it but you.
However, it is important that you take the time to respond in your journal because it provides you a way to apply the Bible study to your own life and track your spiritual progress.
Expect God to guide you.