Week 2

Week Thirty-four, Day One

Study 1 Timothy 2.


*New Memory Verse: 2 Corinthians 4:18*



Week Thirty-four, Day Two

Study 1 Timothy 3.




Week Thirty-four, Day Three

Study 1 Timothy 4.




Week Thirty-four, Day Four

“Some of my Christian friends volunteer to pray and raise their hands in the music time but talk bad about their parents and teachers behind their backs. I don’t think you can do both.”

Chad , middle school student

Study 1 Timothy 5.




Week Thirty-four, Day Five

Study 1 Timothy 6.




The Weekend

Suggested Reading: Job 1-3, 29-30, 38-42

As you read the story of Job, think about the suffering that God has allowed to enter your life. How does God want you to deal with the suffering that He has entrusted to you? What does He want to accomplish through you as a result of that suffering? Do you hear a warning in these verses? What encouragement do you get from Job’s story?

Have you learned 2 Corinthians 4:18 yet?