Week 1

Week Thirty-three, Day One

Study Acts 26.




Week Thirty-three, Day Two

Study Acts 27.




Week Thirty-three, Day Three

“Seems like my life is one big detour. Nothing ever goes the way I plan… but it all makes sense looking backwards.”

Elizabeth, youth parent

Study Acts 28:1-16.




Week Thirty-three, Day Four

Study Acts 28:17-31.

Congratulations! You just finished your second book study! How does it feel?




Week Thirty-three, Day Five

Rockin’ right along… let’s begin 1 Timothy. Look back at the genres listed in week twenty-five. What kind of book is 1 Timothy? What do you need to keep in mind as you read it? What is the right way to study this book? Is there a wrong way?

Study 1 Timothy 1.



The Weekend

Suggested Reading: Genesis 28-33

This is the story of Jacob and Rachel and her sister Leah.

New memory verse on Monday!