Week 3

Week Thirty-one, Day One

“It’s good to go to church on Sunday morning and join the Sunday school, but that is not Christianity… To follow Christ is to live in constant communion with Him, listening to His voice, doing what He says to do, and enjoying the intimacy that comes from doing so. Anything short of this genuine love relationship with your Savior, even if it scores you points with other believers and makes you look like a big shot, is really just hangin’ around the church.” Ted, pastor

Study Acts 19:1-20.




Week Thirty-one, Day Two

Study Acts 19:21-41.




Week Thirty-one, Day Three

Study Acts 20.




Week Thirty-one, Day Four

Study Acts 21:1-14.




Week Thirty-one, Day Five

Study Acts 21:15-39.




The Weekend

Suggested Reading: Genesis 15-18:15, 21

This is the story of Abraham and Sarah. As you read, consider the importance of accomplishing God’s tasks God’s way. How faithful is the Father? How far-reaching are the consequences of our disobedience? How important was it for the early church to accomplish God’s tasks His way? What happened to those who chose to do things on their own?

Work on your memory verses!