Week 2

Week Thirty, Day One

Study Acts 15:36-16:10.


*New Memory Verse: Hebrews 12:11*



Week Thirty, Day Two

“It’s easy to get caught up in what other people are worked up about…and you can make a problem worse just by letting a bitter person think you’re interested in what they have to say… If everyone would just mind their own business and give others the benefit of the doubt, we wouldn’t have so much hurt in the Body.”

Paul, senior adult

Study Acts 16:11-40.




Week Thirty, Day Three

Study Acts 17.




Week Thirty, Day Four

Study Acts 18:1-17.




Week Thirty, Day Five

Study Acts 18:18-28.




The Weekend

Suggested Reading: Genesis 6-9:16

This is the story of Noah and the flood. As you read, consider what Noah had in common with the apostles and the early church (in Acts). How seemingly impossible were their assigned tasks. What encouragement do you find in these stories as you do your best to be obedient to God?

Have you learned Hebrews 12:11 yet?