Week 1

Week Twenty-nine, Day One

“You can’t always take the things that people do to you personally, especially if you are a believer. As soon as you call yourself a Christian, people are going to test you to see if you are the real deal, just like people used to bite coins to see if they were real gold or not. That’s why it’s so important to be patient and forgive. If you can keep your focus on eternity, yours and theirs, persecution is so much easier to endure.”

Angela, youth pastor’s wife

Study Acts 12:20-25.




Week Twenty-nine, Day Two

Study Acts 13:1-12.




Week Twenty-nine, Day Three

Study Acts 13:13-52.




Week Twenty-nine, Day Four

Study Acts 14.




Week Twenty-nine, Day Five

Study Acts 15:1-35.




The Weekend

Suggested Reading: Genesis 1-4:16

This passage covers the Creation, the Fall of Man, and the murder of Abel. As you continue to grow spiritually and enjoy an increasingly intimate relationship with your Heavenly Father, it’s important to keep in mind where you came from, what you would be without Him, and why you need Him so very much. In a few days, you will read in Acts how Paul talks about God as our creator and how important it is to understand that God is the one who made everyone.

New memory verse on Monday!