Week 4

Week Twenty-eight, Day One

Study Acts 10:1-23.




Week Twenty-eight, Day Two

“It’s so hard to say the things that God wants you to say when you are surrounded by people who say that they believe what you believe but stay quiet about it. Sometimes, the only thing that pushes me to go ahead and obey God is that I don’t want to be like them and miss a chance to feel God being proud of me.”

Ervin, middle school student

Study Acts 10:24-48.




Week Twenty-eight, Day Three

Study Acts 11:1-18.




Week Twenty-eight, Day Four

Study Acts 11:19-30.




Week Twenty-eight, Day Five

Study Acts 12:1-19.




The Weekend

Suggested Reading: 2 Samuel 11-12

We are all vulnerable to temptation when we choose to disobey God and so leave the umbrella of His protection. This is the story of King David’s terrible mistake, the consequences that he suffered for his disobedience, and his restoration.

This weekend, take some time to look over all of your old memory verses.