Week 3

Week Twenty-seven, Day One

Once you feel confident in your ability to use the CUT Method of Bible study, feel free to study each passage using any of the three Bible study methods that you have learned or a personalized combination of all three, whatever works best for you.

Study Acts 8:4-25.




Week Twenty-seven, Day Two

Study Acts 8:26-40.




Week Twenty-seven, Day Three

“It’s hard to wait and wait for someone that you care about to accept Jesus. And when it happens, it’s never the way you thought it would happen…it’s way better.”

Jamie, high school student

Study Acts 9:1-19.




Week Twenty-seven, Day Four

Study Acts 9:20-31.




Week Twenty-seven, Day Five

Study Acts 9:32-43.




The Weekend

Suggested Reading: 2 Samuel 1, 5:1-4, 9

David becomes King. Note how he honors both his former enemy and his dear friend. What does that say about the kind of leader that he was? What kind of leader are you?

Ready to add another verse of your own yet?