Week 1

Week Twenty-One, Day One

Staying Committed

Study Romans 12:3-21 and Philippians 1:21-26.

Include the following in your personal prayer time:

  • Thank God for the love and patience that your church body has shown you.
  • Commit to return the favor by loving others out of a pure love for Christ.
  • My family Monday…

FOR FURTHER STUDY: Colossians 3:12-17


Week Twenty-One, Day Two

Different Gifts, but the Same Goal

Study 1 Corinthians 12.

Include the following in your personal prayer time:

  • Ask God to show you clearly what role He wants you to play in the life of your local church body.
  • Commit to work with others toward your common goal of pleasing God.
  • Your church…

FOR FURTHER STUDY: Philippians 2:14-18



Week Twenty-One, Day Three

“Sometimes, I get so distracted by the stress in my life that it interferes with my worship. I feel stress from school, work and from my peers. Sometimes it’s just from being around people in general. It’s hard to stay focused.”

Jessica, high school student

Why Worship?

Study Philippians 2:5-11 and 1 Peter 2:4-10.

Include the following in your personal prayer time:

  • Thank Jesus for His sacrifice and the difference it has made in your life.
  • Ask God to forgive you for the times that you have become lazy in your worship and commit to make worship the priority of your life.
  • Witness Wednesday…

FOR FURTHER STUDY: Psalm 22:22-24



Week Twenty-One, Day Four

Giving It All You’ve Got

Study Exodus 20:1-6 and 2 Kings 17:34-41.

Include the following in your personal prayer time:

  • Ask God to show you where you may have given something or someone else priority over Him and confess that sin.
  • Commit to take worshipping the Father as seriously as He takes it.
  • Thirsty Thursday…



Week Twenty-One, Day Five

What Goes On in Heaven

As you study today, don’t get too hung up on details that you don’t understand. This passage simply describes the worship that takes place at God’s throne. As you study, try to put yourself in this picture. Think about the attitude of the worshippers, the intensity of emotion, and what the atmosphere surrounding God’s throne must be like. If this is the response of the elders and angels around God, imagine what it must be like to see God. How does the worship scene described in these verses compare with what takes place in your heart on a daily basis?

Study Revelation 4.

Include the following in your personal prayer time:

  • Tell God why you worship Him and explain to Him what you wish were different about the way that you worship Him.
  • Commit to worship God in submission and obedience.
  • Friends Friday…



The Weekend

Suggested Reading: Isaiah 6 and Judges 6-8

The first passage is the story of the commissioning of the prophet Isaiah, and the second is about Gideon, the warrior. Both describe the response of a man to the presence and instruction of God. As you read, think about your worship. Are you giving God His worth by responding appropriately to Him?

Isaiah worshipped God his entire life. Gideon worshipped God for a season, then later he turned away from God and he led others to turn away from God. Which kind of worshipper are you?

Review your memory verses! We’ll take on a new one next week.