Rad: An Appreciative Retrospective of My Days Spent in a 1980’s Youth Ministry…in a Small Town, Traditional Church (Full Article)

A group of young youth ministers gather around a coffee shop table discussing youth ministry calendars.  Drawing a blank for the fall, they begin to joke. “Hey, I know!  How about a hay ride?” A general chuckle and sip. “Yeah, and then we can end up at a bonfire where we write down the sins […]

The Importance of Training

You’re as good as you need to be. Life doesn’t change. Your ministry is reaching everyone it needs to reach. Once a leader, always a leader. Not. None of these things are true. No matter how much we grow, we can develop even more, which allows us to continue leading effective ministries. Life is constantly […]

A Time to Grow

Effective leaders grow. There is never a point at which a true leader has arrived. Effective leaders take opportunities to soak up new information, explore new directions, and sharpen needed skills in their work and with people. Their constant desire to improve feeds consistent success. Leaders also know how to follow. They seek knowledge, experience, […]

The More Things Change…

You know what they say (whoever they are). The more things change the more they stay the same. Truth is, some things never change. I was recently thumbing through a copy of the church study course book Guiding Young People in Bible Study (W.L. Howse, 1955) and came across some things (a lot of things) […]

Connect to Jesus

If we are about anything as believers, we should be about Jesus. It is the love of God through Christ that gives us the opportunity for forgiveness, victory, and life. It is the lead of Christ that provides the example by which we are to model our lives. It is the launch of Christ that […]

Practically Speaking

We all like to dream, imagine, set goals, and forge new ground, but it takes work to reach our goals and realize our dreams, practical, boots-on-the- ground, dirty-your-hands effort. All progress begins with, and is, a series of small, practical steps. Sunday school or small groups provide an environment in which we can accomplish all […]

Think Small

The biggest things come from the smallest things. Think about it. The smallest functional unit of the body is the cell. Cells are formed into tissue, tissue into organs, organs into systems, systems into bodies. The smallest unit of a society is the family. A kingdom is only as strong as the loyalty of the […]

Top Songs at Falls Creek 2013!

Here are the top ten songs played at Falls Creek 2013 so far! Whom Shall I Fear (CCLI# 6440288) 10,000 Reasons (CCLI# 6016351) Forever Reign (CCLI# 5639997) Great I Am (CCLI# 5881491) One Thing Remains (CCLI# 55508444) Here for You (CCLI# 5925649) We Are The Free (CCLI# 6016272) Cornerstone (CCLI# 6158927) Always (CCLI# 5881037) God […]

Quick Look: Bible Translations

Choosing a Biblical Translation The question comes up all the time, “What translation is best for me, my child, my teenager, etc…?” This is an issue which may be misunderstood by many and, it is easy to form incorrect opinions (or at least uninformed opinions) about various translations or versions of the Bible. So let’s […]

Parenting Resources

Looking for some resources for your parents or as a parent?  Try these… WEB Media helps for parents Solid parenting resources for parents of every age kid Quality parenting resources. Resources for growing healthy families Center for Parent and Youth Understanding youth culture and marketing site BOOKS Real World […]

Top Songs Played @ Falls Creek 2012

Here are the top songs played at Falls Creek in the Evening Services! Our God (Redman, Tomlin 5677416) At Your Name (Wickham, Hughes 5942543) Stronger (Fielding, Morgan 5060810) 10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord) (Redman 6016351) Beautiful Things (Gungor 5665521) Go (Crocker 5806706) Welcome Home (Walter 5971394) The Stand (Houston 4705248) Great I Am (Anderson 5881491) […]

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